US Presidential Elections | Trump is Losing Grip

US Presidential Elections | Trump is Losing Grip

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A popularly asked question todays is whether Trump is losing grip in the US Presidential Elections 2020? A lot of Americans are confused yet relieved to travel back to the past with a sentimental old-school Irish pol who got birth exactly when Bing Crosby had the posters with “White Christmas.”

Reverting again past when the president did insult and ridicule people in comic undertones. Back to the past when the president did not boast about his own cursed existence, called a lethal reality by many. Back to a time when the president moved and acted mature, when he did not give the semblance of a delinquent.

You can only let King Kong, as Don McGahn, Trump’s first White House counsel, explained his boss in the past, damaged the capital for so long.

Donald Trump does have a regularity, harmony and symmetry, which you must agree and recognize.

He started working as a president of the United States of America, with a gigantic outburst about pictures that his Inaugural crowd was not worth comparing with that of Obama.

Whatever Joe Biden’s weaknesses, he is real rather than fake when he claims that his presidency will be focused on helping others.

As the former vice president pledged in in Wilmington, Del., on Friday, “I’ll listen to the American people, no matter what their politics.”

Biden’s appeal has its foundations in his own struggles. He came as a kid from a working-class who stuttered. As an adult who suffered bigger losses. He was not raised and supported by a rich father who was always to finance him. Biden is a pro-poor, Trump a pro-society.

“Biden feels others’ pain,’’ said the Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio. “Trump doesn’t even feel his own.”

D’Antonio told that Trump’s controlled speech was not impressive, as it proved “that being horrible has been a choice all along.”

“He had the capacity to be normal,” D’Antonio said. “He just prefers being the bad boy, the out-of-control deviant member of society who says the things that no one else will say. He’s just performing. He needs the adoration of the mob more than he needs the acceptance of normal people.’’

Biden’s speech in the great debate wasn’t excellent. He lost many lose balls to score on. He did not give his comment about transitioning from oil dependence in a diplomatic manner.

Trump think Biden is a miserable man but he’s the one whose loss in the election will add to the sufferings of America.

“Wave bye-bye to your 401(k), cause it’s going down the tubes,’’ he said at a rally in Florida.

Trump’s enigma is that he keeps trusting and pursuing the same people.

“Republicans were relieved that he was eating with a knife and fork,’’ David Axelrod cracked about the debate. “But it was still the same meal.’’

Trump is, as it is proved, an adolescent who is not well versed in practical aspect of the affairs. His father was responsible to encourage his cynicism and opportunism: Do what you need to do to grab whatever you want. And never do anything that is not in your own self-interest. That’s only for suckers and losers. “Normal life, that’s all we want,” Trump proclaimed at the Florida rally.

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