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Travelling out of Oman?

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From today onward, Oman is opening its border blockade due to COVID_19 via roads and the airs services through the airports. The airports have been opened for the previously scheduled air flights after orders issued by the Supreme Committee. This will facilitate the ease of travelling out of Oman comparatively.

“Everyone who leaves the Sultanate by land are required to stay for a two-week in the country that he/she traveled to,” Ministry of Health issued an official statement while giving out the new guidelines in connection with the SoPs issued for travelling out of Oman.

“With the exception of sick cases, Omanis who are living or working in neighboring countries mist bring a proof of paper from Governor to facilitate daily travel. This is applicable to Omani families living on the land borders in the governorates of Musandam, Buraimi and Dhofar. These groups are also excluded from the PCR examination,” said the MOH.

Once again it was said by the government that the facility issuing visa to the tourists is “still suspended” and is presently available for the residents only with valid visas to get back to the country “provided that they undergo a PCR examination upon return and adhere to the 14-day quarantine period,” Ministry pointed out.

“A one month international health insurance that cover the cost of treating Covid_19, is required for all expats arriving to the Sultanate,” as said in the statement.

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