Princess Beatrice marries in secret ceremony in front of Queen

Princess Beatrice marries in a secret ceremony

Princess Beatrice marries in secret ceremony in front of Queen

Princess Beatrice, the girl of Ruler Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York, has hitched her fiancé in a mystery wedding at Windsor Castle gone to by Ruler Elizabeth II.

Beatrice performed the ceremony of tying the knot with real estate designer Eldorado Mapelli Mozzi on Friday, as was confirmed by Buckingham Royal residence formally to CNN telling that Princess Beatrice marries.

The two have been locked in the engagement since September but the coronavirus widespread was the main hindrance to arrange and complete the final marriage ceremony when Princess Beatrice marries in secrecy. Mapelli Mozzi proposed du the during the time the couple the weekend visit to Italy during the last year.

Princess Beatrice marries in front of queen

According to BBC, Mapelli Mozzi is a well off businessman, who already has a 2-year-old child from a past relationship. As reported by the Companies House, he is the executive of real estate company named Banda Property.

Princess Beatrice is ninth within the line of progression to the British position of royalty. She is the granddaughter of the King and Queen, and the cousin of Sovereign William and Harry, the prince.

In 2018, her more youthful sister, Eugenie, hitched Jacks Brooksbank in a ceremony at Windsor. The princess’ guardians reported their partition and separated in 1996, having a shared care of Beatrice and Eugenie.

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