A 33-year-old tech CEO mutilated brutally in a New York apartment

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A 33-year-old tech CEO mutilated brutally in a New York apartment, source said

ceo mutilated

The New York Police Department established the sad news of a ceo mutilated at his residence on Tuesday located in Lower East Side of Manhattan. He was recognized, later on, as Fahim Saleh, the tech entrepreneur, a project entrepreneur and CEO of Gokada, which is a famous and well-known motorcycle company in Nigeria.

Saleh was spotted, for the last time, in reconnaissance recording Monday evening, while entering the lift in his residential building, according to the sources, in the Manhattan’s Lower East Side of Manhattan.

A man wearing dress of black color is doubted, according to police, to be murderer of Saleh. This man is seen in the pictures and video recording while he was going inside the lift with Saleh, the officials told. The lift in that building moves straight up  into the residential flats.

The murderer allegedly attacked Saleh–the ceo mutilated–once they were insides his apartment with no third person there, the source confirmed.

When the CEO’s sister came to see her brother inside his apartment, she found Saleh’s half body cut away from the lower part in front of his room.

The rest of his body parts were put into separate bags and dispersed in the apartment’s corners, as the source narrated.

police investigating the ceo mutilated case in Manhattan

Police has yet to discover what was the motive and intent behind this gruesome murder, said the police. The NYPD has started their investigation of the ceo mutilated to determine the exit plan and its execution after the murder. It is expected that NYPD will soon determine how the killer went out of the crime scene building after the crime.

Gokada confirmed Saleh’s “sudden and tragic” death on Twitter.

“Fahim was a great leader, inspiration and positive light for all of us,” the company wrote. “Our hearts go out to his friends, family and all those feeling the pain and heartbreak we are currently experiencing, here at Gokada. All updates and changes will be communicated with you, as it unfolds. Forever in our hearts.”

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