Top 10 Canadian Construction Trends in 2021

Top 10 Canadian Construction Trends in 2021

Following are the Top 10 Canadian Construction Trends in 2021 and expectations and the top issues heading into 2021:

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Rhetoric or reality of Canadian Construction Trends: Will infrastructure investment dollars flow in time?

Millions of dollars are reserved through Infrastructure Canada’s Investing in Canada Plan. Still billions remain uncommitted since 2018. Having an extremely tight and difficult economic condition, the feds, provinces, and municipalities being able to leave politics and get funds flowing, and people working is a big question mark in this regard. Combining infrastructure stimulus with social policy goals that are totally unrelated will slow down and postpone the projects. This will further interfere with economic restoration and giving jobs to the people once again.

Improved Hygiene Standards are Here to Stay

While COVID-19 has been upsetting, a positive result is the amplified cleanliness on job sites throughout entire Canada. Better handwashing and bathroom amenities have fulfilled some of the shortcomings of working on the job and may result in lesser expansion germs, like cold, flu, diarrhea.

Private Sector Stalls as new Canadian Construction Trends

The confidence of investors has decreased in the market because some businesses plan to decrease their footprints. Project tendering slowed its pace in the third quarter of 2020, predicting a bigger effect on the construction sector.

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Workforce Shortage Worsens| Canadian Construction Trends

The CCA has backed and is still encouraging a continuous, flexible, and sincere pledge to infrastructure investment. With the slow launching of economic stimulus by the government in infrastructure investment, appointments for trainees are threatened the most. This aggravates the already alarming situation such that recovery will be slower. Skilled people cannot be created on short notices and emergent levels.

Risky Business

Construction firms have carried most of the project challenges. Throughout COVID-19, contractors were confident that owners would compensate for unexpected expenditures related to COVID-19. The medium and small contractors are most vulnerable.

Rise of protectionism

Provinces facing difficult economic conditions and municipalities who have little or no funds tend to look inward, setting up trade barriers to focus on their constituents. It is indispensable that we stand together and work with combined effort to benefit all Canadians during this difficult phase of economic recovery.

Greening of Infrastructure

The federal government will keep on promoting its strategy for sustainability, leading to an extended number of projects in urban areas. We also must focus on our infrastructure deficit. Highways, bridges, roads, ports, and other means of transportation infrastructure are central for keeping the quality of life the Canadians enjoy routinely. Not only are they vital for personal commutation and traveling, but also facilitate in the transportation of goods and services which are but the heart of the economy, particularly the Canadian economy.

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Digital Acceleration

The consumer craving for digital commerce drastically boosted during the lockdowns due to COVID-19 Pandemic, changing business preferences and procedures.

Federal Prompt Payment is Launched

The federal government is busing devising means to bring the law into action. Justifiably postponed and contained so for, by COVID-19, the industry is looking forward to this legislation being effective in 2021. This will send a positive message in the midst of the present difficult and uncertain conditions of the economy on a global and national level in Canada.

Supply Chain Re-Think | Must for Canadian Construction Trends

While the supply chain was robust during 2020, it was accompanied by its own particular threats. From lumber to windows to cement, contractors were compelled to live with doubt in getting materials and swelling costs.

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