Hi! I’m an e-writer, a certified literary person with tremendous skill in technical writing, and 14+ years of experience in Higher Education. I will edit and proofread your work will be provided to give fresh charm and engaging flavor to your needed work. You will get a professional Resume’, Creative articles, and blogs & stories. Writing is my passion and I love to work as a creative, professional writer, editor, and copywriter.

writing services

Article or Blog Post Writing

As a professional writer/editor, I will help you stand out from the mobs with articles, blog posts, stories, and other well-written content. I own the goals of my clients and take them as a personal challenge. Give me your data and requirements, and I will come up with a superior blog post and /or article achieving your target and objectives with flair, and clarity. My services range from academic documents to professional copies. I avoid taking up school/college assignment.

Manual Re-wording & Paraphrasing

Conveying and communicating the same thing with different wording and vocabulary is not a common man’s cup of tea. Besides time and effort, it needs a lot of skill, and care with details and originality of meaning. Are you are a professional looking for multiple documents? Are you a website owner in need of a text or page being refreshed for your own site? Are you a student troubled by time and skill constraints, wondering to have a professionally written essay re-worded and rephrased? You can get all these services here with ease, comfort, and quality in one packet.

Proof-Reading & Editing

Writing is one thing; writing correctly and powerfully is another. Anybody can write a text. It is the job of a Writing Guru to produce a powerfully impressive text out of a haphazard one. Mistakes found in Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, Sentence Structure, Flow & Readability, and a lot more prove taxing on the quality and the ultimate objective of achieving the capability of the text. Being a Writing Guru and a Literary Savvy, I provide my excellent services of Proofreading & Editing. Based on my experience and extensive knowledge of writing, proofreading & Editing any type of document in English—professional, academic, research, and literary one—I will help you make your writing speak of you along with speaking for you. Feel free to Contact for excellent services.

Resume’s & Job Application, Business Plans

Want to pursue your dream job? Still anxious about how to get it? Want your Business Plan to produce its desired impact? No need to worry. Being a Writing Guru, I will help you prepare a Positon-winning CV, Resume, and other related Job Applications, and/or top quality Business Plan, that will reserve you a seat in your dream job/organization and/or grab a big YES from the Prospect. It will put you on the road to your desired professional and executive position. I will make your Resume speak to the Bots by making it an ATS compliant document, that passes through all the filters towards the desired target. Feel free to Contact to avail of the exceptional services.

Literary Analysis, Critique, and Review

Analyzing a Literary piece—novel, poem, drama, character, literary theory needs knowledge, technique, and experience. Being a Writing Guru, I provide my services with the utmost customer satisfaction as the final objective. These include, but not limited to summarizing literary material, Review of rhetorical devices in the text, character analysis and gauging their traits, exploration of themes, styles, symbols, Psychological threads inside the text, literary theory, and any other aspect worth exploring.

Dissertation OR Thesis Assistance

If you looking for Research paper publication, Thesis & Dissertation Writing, Literature Review, Data Analysis, or any other Research Related task, you are in the right place. You can make your dream of an excellent Thesis/Dissertation a reality with our vast academic and Research expertise. Backed by an expert team of skillful research writers with advanced qualifications in a variety of fields, including Humanities, English Literature, Linguistics, Managements Sciences, I can help you make the final stride towards your fail-proof evaluation and graduation ceremony.