11 American Problems Europeans Don’t Understand

The United States citizens have the tendency to give a damn to the world outside. Americans feel easy in their particular ways, and mostly when guests and visitors from outside the country arrive, they’re completely taken aback by things that are perfectly a daily life affair in America with nothing strange about them. A social media user guy wanted to find out what the strangest things were, and he put the queries to non-Americans: “What’s an American problem you’re too European to understand?” Below are a few of the best answers:

Fancy Fashion

One Reddit user said that: “One of the American problems in this regard is that American fashion is focused on satisfaction and utility, European fashion is all focused on making a statement.”  For instance, “Americans mostly to secure and save formal shoes for special occasions and/or formal settings, Europeans tend to just wear them around.”

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American Fast Fashion

Similarly, another Reddit user pointed that: “Something I noticed as part of American Problems was that when I lived in Italy was that the young women had far fewer, but much nicer clothes than my American friends. My friends, especially in our early 20s, were much more into the “fast fashion” movement than any Europeans I knew.”

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Way Too Casual

Another European user said: “I kind of think a lot of American problems where men dress badly. Lots of tees and cargo shorts, baggy khakis with sports fabric polos, nothing fits right, an aversion to anything stylish or flattering, and those who buck the trend…have their masculinity insulted.”

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Tricky Taxes

A user said that the working of added taxes in the United States is totally strange rather bizarre, specifically having price tags that do not show tax, which further aggravates the confusion of American problems. This is due to the fact that taxes work differently in each state. For example, Alabama’s sales tax is 10%, while Delaware does not have a sales tax.

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Are Americans That Strong?

A generalized tradition in American films, which is generally considered a part of the American problems is a character getting so much furious that they end up punching a concrete wall, which then results in thrusting a hole through the wall.  As American houses are made of wood and thin drywall, it’s quite easy to punch the wall. In other countries, walls are made of strong and more concrete and harder materials impossible to be punched through.

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Different Calendar Readings

The US people do lots of things in quite a different manner compared to the rest of the world. A most prominent example of one of the American problems is that their manner and style of writing a date is quite unique and different. In the U.S., they write the date as month/day/year, while in the rest of the world, the format is day/month/year.

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You Can Turn on Red

A driving rule in the U.S. allows cars to turn right on red if the road is clear, which is absolutely prohibited in the rest of the world specifically Europe. This actually targets the improvement of traffic flow to avoid time-loss and traffic hurdles but is risky and lethal for people who don’t know about this law.

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No Universal Standard

One more thing that Americans are different from the world is that they don’t use metric systems for measuring various things. In the U.S. they use the Imperial system, which is quite identical with the Imperial system in vogue in the UK.

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Expensive Textbooks

It’s an open secret known to all that the higher education system in the United States is terribly expensive. Europeans cannot seem to understand and measure is that along with paying tuition, students have to pay even more, for their books to almost hundreds and thousands of dollars.

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Maternity Leave

As to maternity leave, the United States is the only country in this habitable globe that does not require employers to give paid leaves to new mothers. Germans give 60 weeks of paid leave, while other countries give even more than that. The Americans don’t. This is perhaps most callous of the American problems from a humanitarian perspective.

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What American Dream?

Everyone knows of the “American Dream,” which ensures success and wealth comprising of a white picket fence, two lovely kids, and a dog to those who work hard and earn. While many Americans get the opportunities, there is a wide gap between the eligibles for these opportunities and the not-eligibles. Various angles of daily life in America are exactly like those in third-world countries.

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