Top 5 Places to Visit during Dussehra

Top 5 Places to Visit during Dussehra

Celebrations in places to visit during Dussehra

Top 5 Places to Visit during Dussehra

Navratri has already started and entire nation is merged in jollity and colors. Navratri venues, Durga Pandals, food stalls and fairs can be seen everywhere across India. Dussehra has arrived almost to the full and is just moments away. India is all prepared to celebrate Dussehra this year. Also commonly called Vijayadashami, Dussehra is perhaps the largest and the most popular celebration of Indian community across India as well as the World.

Dussehra celebrations begin after Navratri and its ceremonious dances and other fun activities lasting for as long as nine days. The etymology of Dussehra as a word is its decent from the Sanskrit word Dasha-Hara denoting the defeat of Ravana—the demon king. Dussehra is observed to celebrate and honor the sweet and heroic memories of the historical victory of good over evil. There is a bult of such stories attached to the event which symbolically point to the value and importance of Dussehra.

The most popularly believed among these stories is the story of Durga’s victory over the Mahishasura and and that Rama’s victory over the demon king Ravan. The mythological annals tell that soon after Durga was honored with life by the gods of the universe, a tussle started between the good and the bad—symbolized by Durga and Maishasura respectively. On this very day Durga killed the demon Mahishasura who was responsible for bringing destruction and havoc on the people of the world. The story has different versions told by a variety of story-tellers and books.

The second story in this connection is that of Ram and Ravan where Ram killed Ravan this ridding the world from the curse of the demon king and who was the symbol of all the negatives and bads in the world. Thus, on Dussehra this is the main and integral part of celebrations to burn the effigies of the 10 headed demon king—Ravan. This burning metaphorically points to the permanent defeat of the bad against the good. This is the reason that this celebration is observed by the whole nation as well as the whole Hindu community all over the world with great zeal, enthusiasm and pump and show.

Below is a list of the top 5 locations in India which are rightly called as the perfect places for Dussehra festivities and celebrations. There are a lot of other places from Kolkata to Mysore, where there is a great show of energy and spirit to celebrate the days of honor. At this auspicious occasion the cities get a different look with bridal beauty and decorations across the streets, houses, market places, public parks and other social gathering spots.


Kolkta is a perfect venue in India where you can enjoy the festivities of Dussehra on a mass level. It is the first of the Top 5 Places to Visit during Dussehra. Kolkata exposes its real glory and greatness during this period of what they locally call the Durga Puja.  There is a lot of flamboyance, energy vibrancy, and hustle and bustle during Durga Puja. Women dressed up in new and bright costumes and other worth-seeing clothes, visiting the various Durga pandals are one of the many worth visiting occasions.

Dussehra in Kolkata for Places to Visit during Dussehra

The sight of beauty, both physical and spiritual is unforgettable and not worth missed at. Walking down the streets of the old city of Kolkata, you may witness brigh colored LED lights, religious music including the music named as Rabindra Sangeet. It is advised for you that you must pay visit to Kolkata at the eve of Dussehra at least once in your whole life, if you don’t want to miss the beauty of life in the world.

The energy and enthusiasm displayed at Dussehra in Kolkata is something that will haunt you everywhere with its sweet memories once you have a taste of it. The side delicacies of Kolkata are never missed at by the people there. People eagerly wait for the 4-day celebrations of Dussehra in Kolkata where as a tradition the married ladies on the last day dress up in red and white sarees while they smear Sindor their foreheads and celebrate their married life happiness and comfort by enjoying the ritual of throwing Sindoor on each other.

The bottom line is that you should visit Kolkata during Dussehra to be able to believe in and enjoy the rich and colorful traditions and culture that Kolkata has to offer to your eyes.


Mysore is the 2nd among the Top 5 Places to Visit during Dussehra. This event takes the name of Dasara when it comes to Karnataka where it is celebrate with much energy and zeal. In Karnataka they have been following this tradition since at least 400 years. The most notable pomp and extravaganza in the celebrations can be witnessed nowhere as much as in Mysore, Karnatka, where it is observed for 10 days. There are special arrangements for this festival by the royals of Mysore in their Mysore Palace.

Dussehra in in Maysore for Places to Visit during Dussehra

There is blinding lighting all over the palace on this important occasion, which lasts for all the 10 days till the celebrations end. The most notable aspect of the festival that makes it imperative to enjoy is the grand processions of the last day celebrations. In this worth watching sight Elephants carrying the golden canopy of the idol of Chamudneshwari. They parade this idol starting from Mysore Palace of the royal family till it culminates at Bannimantap.

Besides these well decorated elephants in the street parade in Mysore, there are extravagant foods everywhere, therefore this festival in Mysore is commonly interpreted as an occasion of indulging in gastronomical and epicurean desire and pleasures.


The biggest tourist spot of India is Kullu in Himachal Pradesh. It is the 3rd in list of Top 5 Places to Visit during Dussehra. And this is fair because there is god’s plenty of beauty, pleasures, foods, and jollities available for everybody. The beauty and charm of Kullu gets enriched further due to the various celebrations and events that are enjoyed with so much fun and power. Dussehra festival is also one of the many events in this list. In Kullu too, Dussehra is organized and patronized by the royal family there.

Dussehra in Kullu for Places to Visit during Dussehra

This event is on for 7 consecutive days with a variety of traditional rituals and fun. But the most extravagant and worth seeing aspect of this place is that their tradition of carrying gods’ and goddesses’ idol is quite different and unique. While in other places these are taken on the backs of well ornamented elephants or chariots, in Kullu the devotees carry these on their heads. In the end of the procession they meet at a big ground where they are gathered with the Raghunath’s idol who according to their rituals and traditions is the main god of all.

This history can be traced back to century 17th states when King Jagat Singh erected the idol of Raghunath there on his throne, this the Raghunath was pronounced as the major and central god of the valley of Kullu. The procession is moved on the last day of celebrations to the river Beas where a huge wood pile is installed for the purpose of ceremonious burning. Through this they symbolically demonstrated and re-enact the epic conflagration of Lanka.

We recommend to visit the Kullu on this occasion and enjoy the fun and jollity alongside the tourists and devotees gathering from all over the world. Here, the fun starts on the 10th of Dussehra which extends to a full week. If you can afford in terms of time and finances, you may also want to explore and have a closer view of Kullu’s rich and vibrant culture that can be witnessed at the local funfair during Dussehra celebrations.


Among the top 5 Places to Visit during Dussehra, Delhi also has the most entertaining and enjoyable version of the grand Dussehra. The fun, the dances, and the funfare lasts of whole 9 days. Delhi celebrates Dussehra in its own unique manner. On the occasion of burning the effigy of the demon king Ravana which is also the last day of the event, they fill the streets with lights and noise of fireworks as the height of happiness.

Dussehra in Delhi for Places to Visit during Dussehra

Some of the best Ramlila’s performances are also a special offer of Delhi at the Ramlila Maidan and the Red First grounds. The perfect reasons why you should visit Delhi during Dussehra are the spectacle of Ramlila shows, brightly dressed up people with a touch of tradition, the towering Ravana effigies, and the noisy fireworks as well as the variety of mouth-watering foods on stalls.


Varanazi is listed on number five in the list of Top 5 Places to Visit during Dussehra.Varanasi being one of the most reverend and holiest places in India celebrates Dussehra as an even you must experience at least once in your life. This has an awesome amalgamation of Ramlila shows of Delhi, and Durga puja of Kolkata. The most famous and liked Ramlila performance occurs at Ramnagar at a distance of around 10 miles from Varanasi.

This beautiful tradition of holding the shows of Ramlila epic was started by the King of Kashi which is still maintained with the same spirit. The whole city of Varanasi get a new and agile life once again during the event. This city of Varanasi remains a place of reverence, festivities and purity for the devotees for as long as 10 days of its celebrations.

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