10 Power Tips for Writing a Book

10 Power Tips for Writing a Book

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This is generally believed that everybody is a book inwardly. That means your wish is not a waste if that is about writing a book of your own. And surely the difficulty of the writing process should not be allowed to keep you away from the task. This article offers 10 magical and powerful tips and tricks that will help you and guide you through the process to the ultimate goal of writing it.

The 3Rs: Read, read & read

First and foremost of these power tips is that you must be an aggressive reader. You need to read extensively as though reading was the only chance for your survival. Read whatever comes to you-related to your area of interest and/or outside it. The more readers, the more you get the power of the writers of that text which ultimately makes YOU powerful with writing techniques. Read impressive and powerful writers, note down what captures you in their writing to follow in the future. Articles like the ones on ewriter29 can help you out a lot on your journey to powerful writing.

Write for yourself

Shed your worries about the mistakes and standard of your writing in the beginning. Never think about what others will think about you and your writing. Think that you are writing for yourself. Just put on the paper what comes to your mind. The polishing stage has to come to play the role. Your task at this stage is only to think about the story that you have to tell.

Understand your audience

Think about the audience or readers of your text. Who will be your target readers-kids, the grown-ups, the ladies, etc? Write as if you are actually speaking to them. That will eliminate digressions from your line of thoughts.

Be consistent

The best of the power tips is to be consistent in your writing. Never skip a day in your writing. Write every day even if it is a single line. This will give skill and polishing unmatched by those who take long breaks.

Appeal to the feelings of the readers

Make the readers feel something while they read your writing. Your word must evoke in the heart and mind of the readers the emotions that are there in the words. Be that anger, pleasure, sorrow, terror, motivation, surprise, shock, comfort, etc. This will block the way to boredom which means you will be able to retain the readers’ attention till the last full stop. This tip plays an effective role among power tips.

Stick to the Tense

Another important one of the power tips is to just pick a tense for your story and be consistent with that till the end. A lot of confusion and complexity is created when the writers ramble with respect to the tense by shuttling among them.

Look for online help

In case you need help regarding your sentence structure, grammar, ideas, or structure of the whole text, you can find it online. But be careful that all the sources on the internet are not worth considering and authentic. Try to be smart in getting help online. So if you need help regarding textual structure the best option can be ewriter29 – The Writing Guru. For issues related to finance, marketing, and accounting, the right choice is Laird Accounting. Likewise, for technical support regarding computer software and programming Muhammad Wajahat Asif aka Technical Wajahat can be the best option for services.

Hook the reader right from the outset

Your first task is to hook the reader with your opening line. If succeed to capture their attention by eliminating the elements of confusion and boredom, you have hit the mark. Rest assured, your reader is not going anywhere unless they finish reading the whole text. This makes the tip one of the key power tips among the 10.

Proofread and edit

This is the tip that decides the value of the other power tips being utilized. if you do not proofread your draft, the other power tips that have been used will be of no benefit. Although you need to purchase the service of a proofreader and editor for the task, it is you who has to do this. Once again the ewriter29 can be a valuable service in this regard.

Enjoy writing

Lastly, your writing should not be a burden for you. Enjoy your writing process. The element of pleasure in any work is visible through the spirit and liveliness of that work. If you enjoy your writing process, it will be visible in your ideas and words. This will keep you moving with continuing the writing on daily basis. We are sure, these power tools will help you a lot on the road to your expertise in writing. It will help you come up with the draft that is there inside your mind but of which you are hesitant to bring it out.

Having said all this, now it’s high time to get going with your effort and start the manuscript. Nobody ever knows what great writer is lurking in an individual.

If you have any queries regarding the 10 Power Tips for Writing a Book, please feel free to leave your questions/comments/feedback in the comment section below. Thank You!

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