18 states in coronavirus red zone should roll back reopening

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18 states in coronavirus red zone should roll back reopening

An unpublished article arranged for the White House coronavirus task force and received to the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit broadcasting studio, prescribes that 18 states within the coronavirus red zone ought to roll back reviving steps amid the increasing cases.

The coronavirus red zone is characterized within the 359-page report as “those core-based statistical areas (CBSAs) and counties that during the last week reported both new cases above 100 per 100,000 population, and a diagnostic test positivity result above 10%.”

The report diagrams steps the nations shown in red zone ought to take. It stresses upon the population to “wear a mask at all times outside the home and maintain physical distance.” And it prescribes that public authorities “close bars and gyms” and “limit social gatherings to 10 people or fewer,” which means rolling back reviving arrangements in these areas.

The report comes in spite of President Donald Trump’s consistent appeal that states revive and a struggle to send the reopen the schools, despite the fact that cases rise.

“Now we’re open, and we want to stay open and we will stay open. We’re not closing. We’ll put out the fires as they come out,” Trump told at a White House occasion prior this month.

The 18 states included in the coronavirus red zone for the corona cases are Arkansas, Alabama California, Florida, Arizona ,Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina, Nevada, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah and Texas.

Donald Trump discussing coronavirus red zone in 18 states

The report further tells of these 11 states as being within the coronavirus red zone for being tested for suspect cases: Alabama, Texas, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Washington. The 11 states within the coronavirus red zone for test confirmation are within the red zone for the doubt of case conformity too, with the of Washington state as the only exception.

One state that is within the list of the coronavirus red zone for both cases and testing, Georgia, is as of now entangled in a political battle with its biggest city. Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp recorded a legal claim over Atlanta’s Democratic Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ decree on veils and masks in her city this Thursday. He claimed it broke his crisis orders denying neighborhood leaders from making additions to the state’s prerequisites for security against coronavirus.

The team working on the task report particularly incorporates a proposal that Georgia “mandate statewide wearing of cloth face coverings outside the home.”

Questioned about the report by the task force, Bottoms told CNN she had not been in contact with the task force.

“I had not heard from them, but again, the people that I’m listening to are the scientists and our health care professionals,” she told at the occasion of an appearance to CNN’s “New Day.”

Devin O’Malley, who is the spokesman for Vice President Mike Pence and the task force, didn’t disagree with the authenticity of the document, and took a stance that the report carried very positive and  “encouraging signs” the middle of the dangerous pandemic.

“When the vice president held a White House Coronavirus Task Force press briefing at HHS a few weeks ago, he reported that 16 states met the criteria for rising cases and rising positivity rate. As it stands in that report, there are only 10 states that fit that criteria. This is just one data point of many encouraging signs that we are seeing across the country as we continue to respond to the coronavirus pandemic” partoculary in the coronavirus red zone, O’Malley told an official talk.

Dr. Deborah Birx too spoke some time ago this month that the population of states with coronavirus waves should come back  to the White House’s initial  “phase one” suggestions and commands on social and political gatherings whatsoever.

Pointing to recommendations like as wearing face protective masks and keeping way from going to bars as well as indoor meetings, Birx said such measures need to be take up again so as to take the cases back under command in the coronavirus red zone.

She further told that they are “asking the American people in those counties and in those states to not only use those face coverings, not going to bars, not going to indoor dining, but really not gathering in homes either. And decreasing those gatherings back down to our phase one recommendation, which was 10 or less.”

Birx stressed the prominence of face masks telling “any kind of indoor gathering” must be evaded in spots exhibiting an upsurge in such cases.

Probed by CNN’s Joe Johns regarding the report, counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway iterated: “I think we see the surge in cases and we know where the hotspots are. We’ve been very upfront about that, we’ve published many documents.”

She denied her knowledge of the document particularly, yet she said she had the opportunity to read the reports.

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