The Top 10 Business Writing Skills to Learn Today

The Top 10 Business Writing Skills to Learn Today

business writing skills

Business writing must be engaging and free of boredom as it is the proof of your business writing skills. In fact it should always be simple and direct so as to retain the interest of the receiver. Saying it the other way, business writing is a test of your caliber, imagination and writing skill. It shows your maturity in terms of sharing your ideas. Below are the top 10 business writing skills you must possess in order to hone your caliber with written words.

1. KISS—Keep it Short and Simple

Business writing is different from other types of writing in that it is short and simple. In other words, clarity and conciseness are the main qualities of business writing.

In modern world, your read cannot afford in terms of time to read your writing again to understand—even they don’t have time to read it if it does not engage them. They just leave the reading and switch over to something more simple and direct and/or important. Use short sentences. Avoid beating about the bush. Rather come straight to the point and give the action statement, if any, in a simple and direct manner. In other words, when it comes to business writing, follow the rule “less is more.” Keep your vocabulary as simple as that at a high school level.

Just look at these two example exhibiting business writing skills:

  • A. We are swiftly wheeling towards a stage in our organizational progression at which we must contemplate upon viable strides for extension into supplementary global markets, and it will be inadvertent, in the impending months, that everyone caters to devising tactics that will accomplish the target, so that we may gauge their efficacy at the next executive sitting.
  • B. We are at a stage where we have plan our expansion. We need to adopt ways to reach the international market. Over the coming few months, we all should look for options to achieve out goal. We will share out ideas and evaluate them in our next meeting.

In the above example it is clear that “B” will is the more likeable manner of saying – everyone will “understand” it in a single reading. This is all because the excellent business writing skills.

2. Only Text does not Work

Today nobody has the time to go through the whole bulk of the text to look for the required information. Thus the use of graphics and tables has gained much value for your business writing skills. You need to be able convey a lot of information in compressed form through pictures, graphs and tables, collectively called the visual aids. There is a variety of apps and tools to utilize in order to come up with effective graphs and tables.

3. Never underestimate the power of Grammar, spelling and punctuation

Being simple and concise does not mean the role of traditional grammar and business writing skills have lost their importance. You never know what and how the reader decodes the text you write. The one whom you have been trying hard to impress with your elevator pitch, sales pitch, may be the one who still believes in the accuracy or grammar and spelling more than the idea conveyed. Once again you can take help from various apps, tool, and software for help if you think you are not good at this aspect. Here worth mentioning is ewriter29—The Writing Guru, which you can access for learning business writing skills, better grammar, spelling and structural services.

4. Use Headings to avoid Tedium of Longer Text

Modern technology has added to the comfort and ease of the people. This ease-loving attitude makes it necessary for the text to be easier to read, if you really want it to be read till the last full stop. This is another test of your business writing skills. A wise use of headings, sub-headings and bullet points adds to the charm of the text and ease of reading.

business writing skills

5. Writing for Your Audience

Keep your reader in mind while you are writing. Guess what they may already know, what they need to know. Do this specifically when choosing the terminology and jargon to be used in the text. While writing to a particular person or group, try to give it a personal touch with interest and pleasure as its over color. Moreover, being able to alter your style for separate audiences will be crucial, and it takes real caliber and excellent business writing skills.

6. Creativity

Today everybody so much under the bombardment of a bulk of informational content that they most of the time are perplexed about what and how to decide. You can facilitate the reader in their decision making and save them from becoming fickle-minded by adopting a creative approach. You say the same thing which the others say, but in a manner which is unique, engaging and convincing. This is particularly true when you deal with marketing aspect of the job which much dependent on your business writing skills.

7. Article and Blog Writing

Whereas these settings for snatching audiences will certainly advance over the following 5 years, they are here to remain, for this can be how company brands are spread and client loyalty is gained. Your business blog will got to be chocked with full of brilliantly engaging substance that teaches as well. It is better to use those tactics for people who have short attention spans, for examples the readers of age 13-14 and the like.

8. Writing for Social Media

There is a variety of platforms for demonstrating your business writing skills, comprising of blog posts, web articles, video scripts, and social media posts,. If you are intending on writing for such platforms, you need to learn the tricks and techniques required for them. In modern day perspective you have the options of much more social media sites that are just as popular as LinkedIn, and Pinterest. people who do not have the skill to grab attention with the help of just a few short phrases, and a couple of startling facts, or with an amusing or engaging story will be not be much successful in comparison with those who do ability to work on these platforms.

9. Writing a Video

Like graphs and tables, videos are also evolving as a very successful tool for conveying your message in much better way when it supports the text. A video appeals more than the written text which again has its base in modern world being short of time and in a habit of ease. Thus those who have the skill in creating compelling short videos to inform and educate will continue to expand their audience and reader.

10. Business writing skills will not be dead

Despite the technological tsunami, and the advent of various apps and software, the value of skill in business writing will never be diminished. It rather grows with the passage to time. Business do, and will continue to require strategic plans, reports, policy manuals for employees, and employment and work manuscripts in the form of e-guides, memorandum ets. Yet the inclinations towards conciseness and simplicity coupled with the use of graphics, tables, and videos will still go on. Thus the capable and skilled individual with perfect qualities of business writing skills will still be the need of the business.

If you have any queries regarding The Top 10 Business Writing Skills to Learn Today, please feel free to leave you questions/comments/feedback in the comment section below. Thank You!

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