Dussehra 2020

Dussehra 2020

hindu god with dussehra 2020

What is Dussehra 2020

Dussehra 2020 is the event that takes place via celebration on Dashami Tithi or tenth of the Shukla Paksha—bright fortnight— of the month of Ashwin while it’s the time of the Aparahan Kaal. The event is observed to celebrate the historical event of the good defeating evil as this was the day when Lord Rama killed Ravan in a great battle. The festival, in some areas is also called Vijayadashami, because according Hindu belief, it is connected with the Goddess Vijaya. While still others call the event with the name Ayudhapuja.

About Dussehra 2020 Muhurat

1.  Dusshera is observed on the Ashwin Shukla Dashami during Aparahan Kaal. This is the time period starting from the 10th  Muhurat at the very start of the day (the sunrise) till it ends just before the 12th Muhurat.

2. They celebrate Dussera on the day 2 under particular conditions. This is so if Aparaha Kaal takes place on the 2nd day and if Dashami occurs for two consecutive days.

3. Similarly, Dussher celebration is performed on the 1st day in case Dashami and the Aparahan Kaal fall on the same days.

4.  In the same manner, Dussehra is celebrated on the 1st day if Dashami extends to two days but which do not fall during the days of Aparaha Kaal.

The Muhurat of Dusherra also gets moved and affected by the Shravan Nakshatra. The details are as follows:

1.  If Dashami extends to two days, but Shravan Nakshatra occurs during the Aparahan Kaal of the first day only, the firt day will be the celebration day for Vijaydashmi.

2.  If Dashami extends to the 2 days, and Shravan Nakshatra falls during the Aparahan Kaal of the 2nd day only, Vijayadashmi is observed on day 2.

3.  Likewise, if Dashami Tithi extends to two days, and Aparhan Kaal falls on day 1 only, then Dashami prevails till the second day’s 3rd Mahurat. Similarly, in such case Shravan Nakshatra prevails through the Aparahan Kaal of the 2nd day. These circumstances take Dussehra celebration to 2nd day.

Dussehra 2020 Puja & Celebration

Aparajita Puja takes place while it is Aparahan Kaal. Below is The Puja Vidhi:

1.  Look for an favorable and clean space to do your worship in the direction of Northeast, preferably at home. You can also choose to do so in some garden, temple, or any other place suitable for the purpose. The involvement of the whole family in the puja makes it more effective and better. However, it is not mandatory. You can do it individually too.

2.  Clean sweep the place, wash it if possiblem and make Ashtadal Chakra (the ring of 8 lotus petals) by using the Sandalwood paste.

3. Make sure you take the Sankalp that the puja of goddess Aparajita that you perform is mainly for the purpose to achieve and secure the welfare, prosperity and security of your family and of course, of yourself.

4. Now give an invocation to goddess Aparanita while you are at the center of the Chakra with the Mantra: अपराजिताय नमः

5. Next, focus on her right and make invocation to the goddess Jaya using the Mantra: क्रियाशक्त्यै नमः

6. Again to the left, you may invoke goddess Vijaya with the Mantra: उमायै नमः

7.  Then perform Shodashopchar Puja while using the Mantras: अपराजिताय नमःजयायै नमःविजयायै नमः

8.  It now time to pray thus – O Goddess, I have done the Puja rituals to the best of my ability and knowledge; be kind and accept it before we depart.

9.  At the end of the puja, say and do Namaskar.

10.  Now do Visarjan while using the Mantra: हारेण तु विचित्रेण भास्वत्कनकमेखला। अपराजिता भद्ररता करोतु विजयं मम।

This Puja of Aparajita is central to Vijay Dashmi. Nevertheless, on this same day, some other worships can be and are performed too.

Read the following if you want to know more about Dussehra 2020!

1.  The duration between the sunset and the visibility of just a few stars is known as Vijaya Muhurat. Any type o Pooja or work can be done during this short period if best results and blessings are needed by the worshippers. Lord Rama got victory against Ravana, the King of Lanka, when he commenced his war adventure in this Mahurat.

2.  Dussehera day has a high rank among the pious and blessed days of the year. It is included in the group of the Sadhe Teen Muhurats— Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya, Ashvin Shukla Dashami, Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, and Kartik Shukla Pratipada the half Muhurat. This whole day is believed to be fortunate and shubd is you want to start or do something new and important.

3.  Kshatriyas—soldiers and warriors do puja to and for their fighting tools whatsoever, known as Ayudh Puja. Also, Shami Pujan is performed.

4. Brahmins offer puja and worship to goddess Saraswati.

5.  Vaishya do the same to their ledgers.

6.  Organized in various places, Navratri Ramlila ends by now.

7.  Lord Rama’s historical rather fateful victory against Ravana is celebrated. They set fire on the effigies of Kumbhakarna, Ravana, and Meghanada as a memory of happiness returned to the human kind.

8.  The recitation of the ‘Aparajita Stotra’ of Bhagwati Jagdamba on this day is considered very valuable and auspicious which is the harbinger of happiness, peace, prosperity and comfort in human life.

9.  The grand Durga celebrations also end that is celebrated in Bengal.

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