Fahim Saleh’s executive assistant is charged with murder in death of tech entrepreneur

Fahim Saleh, death of tech entrepreneur

Fahim Saleh’s executive assistant is charged with murder in death of tech entrepreneur

Fahim Saleh’s assistant faces a second-degree assassination indictment in death of tech entrepreneur in association with the dismantling and mutilating of the tech business person at his extravagant Manhattan residence, police said Friday.

The assistant was distinguished by police as Tyrese Haspil, 21 years old, who took care of Saleh’s funds and individual things. He supposedly owed Saleh a huge amount of dollars, and was on a reimbursement scheme, a law authorization official said.

Saleh, 33, was assassinated in his Lower East Side flat on Tuesday, police said.

Saleh’s cousin while ringing the doorbell to his apartment, the assistant was purportedly dismantling his dead body using a sharp electric saw and fled on sensing the danger of being sighted, as said by a law enforcing agency personnel giving their statement about death of tech entrepreneur.

The cousin discoverd that Saleh’s arms, head, and legs along with other body parts had been separated and spread within the living room of the condo, NYPD Chief of Criminologists Rodney Harrison told columnists Friday.

death of tech entrepreneur

At around 1:45 p.m. on Monday, Haspil supposedly ambushed Saleh with a Taser some time earlier than actually slaughtering him, Harrison said. The youthful tech business entrepreneur had ventured out of a lift that led directly to Saleh’s loft, Harrison said commenting on death of tech entrepreneur.

“It is also believed that (Haspil) owed the victim a significant amount of money,” Harrison told.

Saleh died of several stabs, told the New York City’s medical checker on Thursday this week.

Haspil was apprehended in Manhattan in the morning on Friday on the charges of being the culprit in the death of tech entrepreneur.

Saleh was finally sighted in observation video while he was entering in a lift in his loft building and a black dressed person — who police thinks is Saleh’s aggressor – getting into the lift with him, as reported by the law agency personnel.

Saleh received deadly wounds on the neck and the chest; the way of death was murder, said the post mortem specialist. Saleh, the child of Bangladeshi workers, was the originator and CEO of Gokada, a motorbike-hailing app based in Nigeria.

He established the project of capital firm Adventure Capital — which contributed in start-ups related to ride-sharing in nations like Colombia and Bangladesh.

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