Qatar perplexed by Saudi on WTO ruling

Qatar ‘perplexed’ by Saudi on WTO ruling

Saudi on WTO ruling

Qatar made it clear it was “perplexed” by Saudi on WTO ruling which came last month when it observed that Riyadh was active in her support of the beoutQ pirate TV operation.

Qatari sport network beIN Media Group, which possesses rights to telecast international tournaments, exclusively, to the MENA region which stands for Middle East and Europe and the North Africa, has appealed beoutQ is robbing its broadcast frequency and showing it as its personal effort and belongings.

BeoutQ started its broadcast after Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates, disconnected all relations with Qatar and put sanctions in the form of blockade on land, sea, and air blockade back in June 2017. These countries charged Qatar of “supporting terrorism” and meddling with countries’ affairs in its neighbourhood. Qatar, however, totally nagated the allegations saying that its all fabricated with nothing at the back of it as an evidence.

Soon after enforcing the blockade, all beIN Sports channels were also banned immediately in these four nations and with confiscation of their equipment whatsoever there in Saudi Arabia.

“The WTO panel’s decision offered Saudi Arabia an opportunity to take responsibility for its mistakes, stop the theft of major sports and other broadcasts from around the world, and come into line with its treaty obligations. Regrettably, Saudi Arabia has shunned that opportunity,” the Qatari ministry told in its press release.

The the appeal of Saudi on WTO ruling came exactly as a time when Saudi Arabia is attempting to play a greater role in sports and entertainment on international level, which also include its big investments in football clubs among other sports activities.

The Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund (PIF) has been making constant efforts to purchase English Premier League club Newcastle United. It is, however, not clear what will be the effect of WTO ruling and stance of Saudi on WTO ruling on this bid, if any.

In its verdict which came to media June 2020, the WTO stated that government officials of Saudi Arabia, openly supported beoutQ, with government tweets, to mention one of the many.

Riyadh’s rudimentary response to the report was that it was “fully vindicated”, Qatar’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry said in a press release, saying further about Saudi on WTO ruling that the Saudi kingdom was “pleased with the outcome”. “Today’s development tells a different story, demonstrating that Saudi Arabia fully understands that it lost the case. If Saudi Arabia had been ‘vindicated’ and was genuinely ‘pleased with the outcome’ there would be nothing for it to appeal,” the statement said.

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