Trump and Biden in America’s Impossible Debate

Trump and Biden in America’s Impossible Debate

This in a way is symbolic. Instead of the most inadvertent, and the opponent meeting in a discussion context, forwarding arguments and, yes, thus arguing, they plan to talk simultaneously – on two different locations. Joe Biden in Philadelphia / Pennsylvania and Donald Trump in Miami / Florida. The ordinary talk, the argumentative exchange with someone who is quite an poles apart thinker on politics, particularly the American politics – it has become quite hectic, and demanding in terms of effort in the United States.

Nevertheless, consequent to the initial TV talk between the two candidates for presidency, turning into a competition of fiery rather shouting and screamy tussle two weeks earlier, as Trump continued to interrupt Biden and to talk about him in personal connotations, the hope in this regard was minimized. With Trump’s Covid-19 infection and the subsequent refuge in quarantine, it was clear the continuation would be broken.

However, Trump declined the suggestion by the committee responsible for the debate, although in Corona times hardly any normal format viewers are allowed. He pushed for a postponement, which was not given up. The next real and final debate isn’t until next Thursday in Nashville / Tennessee.

The vote is expected sooner than three weeks now

Biden’s team then set up a town hall on ABC News for the Democrats where citizens could ask questions – which Trump had to counter at the same time as a counter-event on NBC. As a result, most voters will look at their candidate and just write down what they say again.

On the contrary, for those who are still cannot decide less than three weeks before the election, zapping back and forth between two TV channels is a challenge – the commercials, which did not exist in the first debate, are extremely useful for once.

If you can somehow to shuttle between the channels on the fly, you will find two worlds: here the president, who is interested in show effects and also riot, whose statements, as always, are immediately checked for their veracity. There, the polite, serious challenger who answers long gets tangled up every now and then, but likely has a calming influence on many viewers.

Biden desires to “heal” America

Therefore, while the president as per information and reports cannot recollect hearing anything bad about one of the world’s fastest growing and most dangerous movements, according to experts on the other station, Joe Biden says phrases like, “The words of a president have meaning.” Heal the land and bring the people back together, but I don’t want to deepen the divisions of the land. The contrast rather the comparative analysis could me very little.

Likewise, they exhibit a big gulf of differences in what is probably the most important topic: coping with the corona pandemic. The president, who was hospitalized for three days just two weeks ago for his infection, has been touring the country for a long time.

As against the rules and regulations in some states, he organizes rallies with sometimes thousands of visitors, where few wear a mask and no one keeps their distance. Why should it, the president said again on Thursday, “We are about to come across the mountain.” He does not want to hear that the number of infections is increasing in almost all states and that the number of patients treated in the hospital is once again increasing gradually.

The incumbent, Biden says, has learned nothing from its own coronavirus infection. In the US, more than 210,000 people have already died from this infection. And what does he do? Nothing! Trump will not continue to wear masks.

Trump claims to know nothing about QAnon’s conspiracy theorists

The worth reminding statement of Trump is that once again he does not alienate himself from a dangerous group that should get him votes. When the belligerent NBC presenter Savannah Guthrie was asked why he forwarded tweets from QAnon’s conspiracy theorists that the FBI classified as terrorists, he said, He is forwarding a lot.

He then claims to know nothing about the movement, except that it is “against pedophilia”. But he knows a lot about Antifa “and these people on the left who are burning our cities down”. Guthrie asks, ‘Don’t you know her? You are the president! You’re not someone’s crazy uncle who can just retweet anything! “

Important thing is to know about QAnon is that Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence only canceled a scheduled donation dinner to be hosted by supporters of the movement after a public outcry. And that several supporters who have been named Trump fans are running for the Republican ticket to the US Congress, some of which have a chance of success.

Of all the other things, QAnon is spreading the claim that the US is ruled by a criminal and satanist organization, which would include former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, billionaire George Soros and several Hollywood stars. Many QAnon messages are anti-Semitic and right-wing extremist in nature. It is also circulated that the coronavirus is a conspiracy to subjugate people through vaccinations and 5G cell phone technology.

The president implies to confess the validity of rumors about his humungous debt

This also reveals what Trump answered when asked to whom he actually owed the $ 421 million recently reported by the “New York Times” – a fact he has always denied. These debts are “a small percentage of my net worth,” he says, indirectly confirming that I really am in debt. His adventurous justification for this is: With some of it he wanted to please “institutions that would lend me money”. When asked whether he also has obligations with foreign organizations, he says: “I don’t know.” And adds, He does not owe money to “dark people”.

In the meanwhile, Biden speaks about whether he would order a forced vaccination if he won the presidential vote and a vaccine (he would like, but he couldn’t, but only convince state governors or mayors). And about what he would do about police brutality or fracking. On an occasion, it’s even about foreign policy, a topic that rarely plays a major role in U.S. election campaigns.

Boredom – is it a disadvantage?

All the answers from Biden are matter-of-fact, intentional, calm – and it can be boring for some. But given that boredom has become a foreign word in the Trump era, it doesn’t have to be a downside. In contrast to the TV duel a week ago, viewers have at least the opportunity to listen to him undisturbed.

To a question about what it would say about America if he, who constantly led the polls, lost to Trump on Nov. 3, Biden said surprisingly openly, “It could mean I was a weak candidate.” He doesn’t hope, he adds, that it means the United States is as divided as the president is expected to have a wish for.

Definitely, the Trump campaign immediately uses Biden’s quote about himself as a potentially weak candidate. In contrast, Biden’s supporters insist that an election campaigner just wants to be honest. It remains to be seen what the undecided think about it – and whether they even saw this long-distance duel.

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