Flights resume after six months in Oman

Flights resume after six months in Oman

airport after Flights resume after six months in Oman

Once again, the sky over Oman is have its fabulous air traffic. It has been opened for the resumption for the scheduled flights after the six months long lockdown due to COVID-19.

Flights resume after six months in Oman

The Sultanate had to close the airports for all purposes including the commercial flights in March to block the outspread of the Coronavirus pandemic, as was order y the Supreme Committee of Oman on the COVID-19.

All the passenger utilizing the facility are required to observe the SOPs in word and spirit which have been devised to prevent the disease as announced by the Ministry of Health. All the travelers have been issued guidelines to contact and check with their respective airline officials and websites to get updated information prior to setting on the air journey.

“Normal scheduled services will resume from midnight of October following all health and safety guidelines’’, Khamis Muqaimi of Oman Airports informed the reporters.

Prior to the reopening of the airlines and other air services, those who offered their voluntary services, participated in an exercise to test their readiness and promptness to respond during the operation of Muscat International Airport a week earlier. The volunteers also helped to facilitate the Airport in conducting a demo of a drive-through COVID-19 testing facility.

For now, the Civil Aviation Authrity (CAA) allows the airline companies only 2 flights a week each to its current destinations. Accordingly, the initial flights bound outside Muscat this midnight were to Dubai (FlyDubai), Salalah (SalamAir), Doha and Dubai (Oman Air), and Lahore (PIA). “While the opening of the borders is a good sign, we hope the government starts issuing new family joining visas at the earliest so that expatriate families separated for months can rejoin,” told Pankaj Madhavan, who is eager to rejoin with his wife with a recent newborn.

In the first phase, Oman Air will give its services in 16 cities of 12 countries all over the world, thus connecting Oman to Istanbul, London, Frankfurt, Doha, Cairo, Dubai, Dar-es-Salaam, Kuala Lampur, Zanzibar, Manila, Islamabad, and Lahore. Similarly, the flight operations of Salam Air will be conducted to and from Bahrain, Doha, Alexandria, Dubai, Shiraz, Tehran, Dhaka, Istanbul, Chattagong, Khartoum. Sialkot, Karachi, and Multan.

In the same manner, some international airlines like US Bangla, Emirate, EgyptAir, and FlyDubai have also planned two flights per wee to and from Dhaka, Dubai, and Cairo according the guidelines issued by the CAA. As flight operations to Khasab and Duqm have already begun, it has been announced that local flights to Salalah will also commence in a couple of days.

One this to remember her is that entry into the departure zone of the airport will be given to those only passengers who already have valid tickets. There will be no compromise on this except for the disabled individuals who will be facilitated due to their weakness of reduced mobility.

It is also part of the rules passed by the Supreme Committee on COVID-19, that nobody without prior approval will be allowed entry to the Sultanate. However, this will not apply to those Omani natives as well as Expatriates who have a valid residency permit, which means such people don’t need any advance approval.

Expatriate who fly into the Sultanate must provide a certificate from international health insurance which may and will be responsible for to pay for their treatment for COVID-19 for as long as one month minimum. They are also required to download application (Tarassued+) prior to their entry into the Sultanate along with completing their registration.

Passengers with negative test results who want to stay in the Sultanate for less than 7 days, are allowed to stay without special anti covid arrangements. However, in case of staying for more that 7 days, such individuals are required to follow the already devised guidelines of the Ministry of Health. In such an event, they will be bound to wear a band around their wrists, and will undergo a period of 14-day quarantine regardless of whether their covid test results is positive or negative.

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