5 Free Ways to Increase Traffic to Website

5 Free Ways to Increase Traffic to Website

5 Free Ways to Increase Traffic to Website

Listed below are 5 ways you can take to increase traffic to website of your company or your personal one.

1. Build Backlinks

A backlink is that referring link that your website gets from another website. Depending on the quality of your content when another website gives a link to your website as a reference or hyperlink for some reference, it is called a backlink. Backlink are very important for your website. If you want to increase traffic to website of yours, you must try your best to get backlinks from authentic websites.

When you get such backlinks from industry influencers or any other business that is complementary to yours, your website gets higher in results. This will increase traffic to website on one hand which will definitely expose your site to a larger audience, and on the other hand will drive or bring valid and quality traffic which definitely will increase traffic to website of your company, organization, or personal business.

Moreover, google likes backlink, and the number of backlinks from trusted sites increases Google’s trust on your site too. Thus, google tends to recommend your website to more visitors as a quality source. Higher level of trust from Google takes your site up to higher rankings, which leads to an increased and quality traffic.

2. Get Listed in Online Directories

One more way to increase traffic to website of your business is to get listed in free online directories and review sites. Here while you will be registering your profile, on most of these websites you will have the chance to put there a link to your website. Thus, if you are active in this regard and monitor your profile, you will be in a better position to update these listings and thus you’ll have better means to get positive reviews. This is a perfect way to drive more visitors and thus increase traffic to website of your business.

Similarly, different directories, for instance Yelp are very effective having strong domain authority on Google. Thus, if you have a free Yelp page for your business, this could help you rank your website high whenever there is a relevant search pertaining to your business or content on your site.

3. Post to Social Media

As one of the most popular and highly recommended free channels of marketing, social media has a vital role to drive and increase traffic to website of your business. Make a productive and beneficial use of LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook for your website promotion. Put the links of your blog posts and other articles including useful pages of your site for the visitors on these websites for marketing purposes. Thus, you will be successful in creating leads and converting your social media audience into your qualified traffic. Thus, by posting sharable content you will have better chances of drawing traffic from visitors’ network too. In this way you can increase traffic to website of your business for free.

4. Use Landing Pages

Another free source to increase traffic to website is the wise use of Landing Pages on your website. Landing pages are those pages that specifically show the offers that you make to the visitors and which visitors land on for making the deals and transactions. These may include but not limited to downloading a free guide, free ebooks, manuals, getting a discount coupon or code, some free trial, and much more.

These pages are full of details and guidelines necessary for the visitors and users to move ahead with decision making and getting converted from visitors to customers. Similarly, landing pages contain calls to actions and the consequent response channels, thus making it more pertinent to be successful in their conversion. You can get specific and targeted while you prepare your message for the purpose, owing to the specificity of the landing pages, thus resulting in an act to increase traffic to website of your business.

5. Include Hashtags in Your Posts

When you add hashtags to the articles you post your website for promoting blog posts and/or web pages, you actually take your website higher in ranking. In this way you can actually extend your exposure and connection beyond your own contacts and network. Thus, you are easily searched and found when the users search for the services or products that you offer. That means the more you are seen by the online community of visitors and potential customers, the better chances you get to drive free traffic. So, use of hashtag is still an other free way of how to increase traffic to website of your business.

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