A group of sentences relating to one topic is called a paragraph.


A paragraph is a group of related sentences that develop a single point.

 Qualities of a Good Paragraph



All the sentences in the paragraph must have a unity of purpose although their vocabulary is different, yet their purpose is only one—the development of the idea that was in the topical sentence. In short the paragraph should be a unified whole. Every part of it must be the expression of one topic.


A paragraph must have logical sequence of thought which means a gradual and systematic development of subject. All the details must be related according to their number/importance/occurrence. For example, if you are writing about your educational career, start it either from the bottom or the top. Then give the account of stages without breaking the sequence. If you begin form the account of your masters, come step by step down to the primary level. You can also start from the account of primary level, and go step by step up to your masters. Never skip any stage in between.


Your paragraph should not have monotony in words, ideas, and sentence length. Use short and long sentences to give it a musical structure.

Structure of a paragraph

A paragraph’s structure is like a room full of sweet smelling food, having an entrance, a middle, and exit. The entrance catches the eyes, the middle works on the hunger, and the exit symbolizes satisfaction of the hunger. Likewise, a paragraph has an introductory sentence called the Topical Sentence, a Middle and a Conclusion. The topical sentence arouses the interest of the reader, the middle gives explanation, and the conclusion satisfies the reader.

Techniques of Paragraph Writing

There are many techniques of paragraph development. Most important of these is:

Paragraph Writing by Listing

One way of developing a paragraph is by listing details in support of topical sentence. These sentences support and develop your main idea. Use connectors such as ‘first’, ‘second’, ‘third’, ‘next’, and ‘finally’, etc to give a sense of listing.

For example

In the past tall buildings were used mainly for commercial purposes. Today high towering buildings and flats give housing to both working and middle class families. There are many reasons for the necessity of high buildings. First is the increase in population. Second is the steady reduction in the amount of living space and the increasing influx of population form rural to urban areas. Third is the rising desires of both the working and middle class.

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