Topics for Presentation

A good presentation topic boosts your academic performance which in turn shows that you possess powerful communication skills. This increases your chances of going to a reputable university or college. Similarly, it adds to your prospects of being hired for a higher position in a renowned organization where you get to enjoy high-quality skills. Here are some interesting ideas and intriguing topics for presentation to consider:

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Topics for Presentation in Business

  1. Apprenticeship programs and their relevance for the youth?
  2. Value of mentors in business settings
  3. What is copyright protection? What is its application in the world of information technology?
  4. Telemarketing and small businesses. How can they enhance a company’s profile in a competitive market?
  5. Researching a company’s environmental and ethical responsibility: Does it boost sales?
  6. Outsourcing and its importance in the global context
  7. Increasing employees’ productivity
  8. Freelancing and other flexible job arrangements: their effect on business
  9. Best marketing rules for e-commerce business
  10. Training and development: Are they overlooked?

Academic Presentation Topics

  1. Pros and cons of Online learning
  2. Does the current learning environment cater to the needs of all learners?
  3. The effect of social media on education in US schools and colleges
  4. Countries that offer the best quality of education: How do they do it?
  5. Teaching leadership at a young age
  6. How can academic presentation boost self-confidence?
  7. Should parents be more or less involved in the education process?
  8. Finding the perfect student loan: Is it possible?
  9. Studying abroad and its benefits.
  10. Should teachers retire after a certain age?

5 – Minute Presentation Topics

  1. Discipline in the class: 5 Rules
  2. Use of Social media in the Classroom.
  3. Being a Middle Child
  4. Dealing with Bullies: Do’s and Don’ts
  5. Applying for a Mortgage: How can you do it right?
  6. The best way to ask for a Promotion
  7. Preparing perfect Macaroni and Cheese
  8. Growing your own food at home
  9. Alternative Medicine

Apart from the above can are a lot more topics for presentations which can be studied in the next article on the same topic.

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