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A presentation topic enhances your performance and displays your strong communication skills. This increases your chances of success. Here is a list from which you can choose your presentation topic for this purpose:

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  1. Why should you adopt an animal from a shelter?
  2. How to pick the right vet?
  3. Choosing the perfect food for your pet
  4. What does keeping animals at home teach children about life?
  5. Sleeping with your dog or cat
  6. Cat person vs. dog person
  7. Using animals in movies and shows
  8. Why do therapy animals work?
  9. Are cats independent?
  10. Why do people like to watch animal videos on the internet?


  1. Children of divorce: How to cope?
  2. Tips for travelling with children
  3. How many kids should people really have?
  4. What roles do grandparents actually play?
  5. Is family life culture falling apart?
  6. How to recognize and deal with a gifted child?
  7. Balancing home and career life
  8. Should parents tell their children to move out even if they are not ready?
  9. Your child is a bully: What should you do?
  10. Dealing with a newborn in your family


  1. The first time women had the right to vote
  2. Historical lies: Is history accurate?
  3. History of the internet
  4. Women in war
  5. War photographers: Inspiring stories
  6. History of the Statue of Liberty
  7. 5 Things you don’t learn in a history class
  8. Ancient Egyptians: Did they reach outer space?
  9. Children in American history
  10. Remarkable historical encounters that changed the world


  1. Cultural effects on art
  2. Playing the best musical instrument
  3. Should art be inspired by history?
  4. Importance of rhyming in songs
  5. Does art imitate life or the other way around?
  6. Is American rapping a form of poetry?
  7. Controversial sculptures: Should they be shown to the public?
  8. Understanding abstract art
  9. How to market your artwork?
  10. Combining different forms of art in exhibitions

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