Interesting Topics for Presentation

A good presentation topic plays a vital role in your academic success. Here is a list of some interesting topics for presentation which can showcase your caliber and skill in overall communication:

Team workers discuss something special


  1. Is dieting a trend?
  2. How many calories should you eat every day?
  3. Should kids be allowed to go vegan?
  4. How many meals should you eat per day?
  5. Exotic and weird foods
  6. Is it okay to add pineapple to pizza?
  7. Meal planning on a budget
  8. Is it possible for someone to live eating fruits and veggies only?
  9. Black coffee is good for your health
  10. Is it expensive to eat healthily?


  1. Should everyone practice sports?
  2. Should sports teams be named after ethnic groups?
  3. Is boxing safe?
  4. Learning to swim should be mandatory
  5. Should fans judge athlete’s personal lives?
  6. Insulting players and coaches from the sidelines should be banned
  7. Sports help develop character in children and teens
  8. Getting beaten by an underdog: Dealing with the consequences
  9. Respecting the national anthem
  10. Losing a match is actually good for motivation


  1. My worst day ever
  2. The worst joke I have ever heard
  3. 10 things that ruin a date
  4. Something that made you laugh so hard that you cried
  5. How to celebrate the perfect Thanksgiving in the US?
  6. Sharing something on Facebook that you shouldn’t have
  7. 5 Reasons to stay single
  8. How to look your best on your worst day
  9. How to make someone lose their mind
  10. The worst Twitter mistakes ever


  1. Sex trafficking across the world
  2. Stockholm syndrome
  3. Helping abuse victims
  4. Helping ex-convicts have a life
  5. Both men and women are subject to domestic abuse in America
  6. Community service: Learning lessons
  7. Human trafficking in the USA
  8. How easy is it to deal with online fraud?
  9. Guns legislation
  10. The rise in juvenile crime

The choice of interesting topics for presentation is as important to your success as your actual presentation in front of the audience is. Therefore you as a student must be careful about it. Similarly, as an aspiring professional, it is vital to be careful about the choice of your presentation topic.

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