Four Methods of Oral Delivery | Excellent Presentations

Four Methods of Oral Delivery | Excellent Presentations

You have four choices to deliver your oral speech termed as methods of oral delivery. These four methods of oral delivery of presentations are: extemporaneous, reading, memorization, and impromptu delivery.

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1. Extemporaneous

This is one of the four methods of oral delivery in which you deliver speech with the help of already prepared notes, handouts, or outline. This is the most preferred way by audiences and speakers. Your outline may include quotations, comments, and facts and figures to reinforce, support, and strengthen your speech. This is the most preferred and most recommended way of delivery because it allows more eye contact with the audience and helps you establish direct contact with them. Frequent presentation will enable you to use fewer notes and feel more confident than a beginner does.

2. Reading

Reading is the second of the four methods of oral delivery. In case of long speeches, it may be necessary to read some parts of your speech text. There are occasions when you have to convey some critical and complex or technical information, or some official statement. In that case, you do not want to make mistakes or look absurd by ad-libbing. There you must read it verbatim—word for word. The good thing with reading method is that there are minimum chances of any mistake—technical, grammatical, or that of pronunciation. But this method oral delivery is that there is very little eye contact, which results in the loss of your audience’s attention.

3. Memorization

This is the third of the methods of oral delivery works best for those who are novices or beginners in this skill. They feel stage fright, and feel embarrassed when presenting their ideas before audience. They memorize the speech before they deliver it. This gives them a sense of command, and courage to face the audience. But care should be taken that you make your memorized speech look spontaneous and natural. The flow your ideas should not be speedy and mechanical.

Very few speakers memorize their speech today. And they are right in not memorizing it. often the first few words of a statement or speech can be memorized, but memorizing the whole speech is neither recommended nor advised. The positive side of this style of speech is the eye contact. You are able to maintain maximum eye contact with the audience, which means you will be able to maintain maximum eye contact. But the risk of memorization is forgetting your text. In this way of delivery there are maximum chances of forgetting your exact wording. In that case you will grope for words while you are on the stage in front of the audience.

All this creates embarrassment, and decreases your credibility as a speaker.

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4. Impromptu

This the fourth of the four methods of oral delivery.

You may be called upon at the last moment to share your opinion or offer your comments. When you speak “off the cuff”—without preparation—without a prior information that your will speak, you are speaking impromptu. Most of the times, you have to express your opinions before the audience on the spur of the moment. You are asked to address the gathering without preparation, rehearsal, or thought in advance. Impromptu way of oral delivery calls for vast knowledge, experience, and practice. After a lot of practice, and long presentations you are able to speak impromptu. That means an ordinary speaker is not able to perform excellently if they are asked to make an impromptu speech.

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