Basic Principles of Effective Reading Process

Basic Principles of Effective Reading Process

Reading plays a vital role in the process of learning. It adds to our knowledge, and provides us with valuable information. We cannot benefit from a writing unless we possess reading skill properly. Here we discuss some basic principles of effective reading process that should be followed for improving effective reading process.

woman reading book for finding some basic principles of effective reading process

1. Keep suitable reading conditions: suitable conditions are essential for effective reading. Suitable conditions mean proper light and sitting arrangements, peaceful environment, and moderate temperature. Poor light contributes to eye tiredness and loss of clear vision. There should be adequate lighting. For the best sitting conditions sit comfortable in a well ventilated room.

2. Avoid distractions: Your reading room should be free from distracting sounds like radio, TV, Telephone, vehicles, etc. Besides, you had better power off your cell phone.

3. Keep lips and tongue closed: Do not spell or pronunciation the words you are reading because vocalization slows down your reading. It also affects your vocalization.

4. Keep building Vocabulary: A rich store of vocabulary essential for all language skills. If you have considerable number of words at your command, you will face no difficulty while reading. Your mind will instantly recognize the words.

How will you build a rich vocabulary? The answer is “reading is one of the best ways.” Books, newspapers, and magazines can help you build rich vocabulary.

5. Practice Constantly: With constant practice you can improve your reading skills. No skill can be mastered without regular and constant practice. Develop reading habit and read as much as you can. The more you will read, the better your reading comprehension skill would be. Both intensive and extensive reading will enable you to read effectively and make you a man of letters.

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