Barriers to Speaking English and Foreign Languages Effectively

It has been observed that majority of our students are not competent in speaking skills. They cannot speak English fluently and effectively. They feel shy and are afraid of making mistake when they have to speak. Here we discuss the barriers to speaking English effectively.

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Barriers to Speaking English

1. Text Oriented System: In our classes we have generally text-oriented system. The teacher spends most of the time on teaching textbooks. He does not have enough time to teach spoken skills to the students. That is why they lack in speaking skills.

2. Stress on Reading and Writing: There is no place for speaking skill in our curriculum of English. We lay main stress on reading and writing skills. The other two skills i.e. listening and speaking are entirely overlooked. Thus the students do not have chance to gain proficiency in spoken skill.

3. Grammar Translation Method: Grammar translation method is also a barrier in learning speaking skill. The students are taught English through grammar translation method which focuses on grammatical rules. The students waste their energies in learning rules of grammar. This method does nothing to enhance communicative abilities in the students.

4. Unfavourable Environment: The students do not fine favourable environment for leaning spoken skills. They are taught English only in the classroom which can be best learnt outside the classroom.

5. Misconception: Generally, the students take up English as a subject whereas it is a skill. They do not try to master the four skills of language. Their main objective is just to pass it as a subject without gaining proficiency in language skills.

6. Large Classrooms: Because of limited resources, we have large classes consisting of sixty or more students. As a result of this barriers to speaking English individually the students have little time to practice the spoken skills.

7. Certain Restrictions: The restrictions of the syllabus and the limited number of hours do not allow the teacher to do oral work in the classroom. This is also one of the barriers to speaking English effectively on the part of learners.

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