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Good News

This articles discusses the procedure of writing positive news messages. Hence it explains in detail the structure and format of such messages.

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What is a Good News?

“A good news message or Positive News Message is a message that evokes positive emotions and/ response in the mind of the receiver.”

What is a good news in business communication?

A letter of promotion or appointment, a letter of adjustment to a complainer, a letter acceding the plea or request of a client or employee, or a letter sanctioning a loan requested by a customer or employee are good news letters. But some times, unfortunately, people have to do the bitter but inadvertent job of sending bad news as well. This is part of routine business in both business and other professional organizations.

The organizational plan for writing positive news messages is the direct approach or direct plan. In this plan the main idea or message comes up front. Then comes the main idea to captures the attention of your readers. It is because if you keep the reader waiting and looking for the good news, it will create doubt and anxiety in his/her mind. Hence, this can be an obstacle in obtaining the desired feedback. Thus, by telling the main idea, which is the positive message, your reader gets interested.

So, you mentally prepare them for the action you expect from them in future. Use the middle to explain all the relevant details, and close cordially by highlighting the possible benefits to the reader.

 Don’t write this!

I feel glade to let you know that after contemplating the matter carefully, the competent authorities have recommended you for appointment as the Registrar.

Write this!

Congratulations! You have been selected as the Registrar, beginning December 25, 2019.

Start with the main idea

Accordingly, if you begin your positive message with the main idea or good news, you are preparing your audience for the details that follow. Therefore, your opening must be clear and concise. Similarly, your sentences should not be cluttered with unnecessary information that buries the purpose.

Provide all the necessary details and explanations

Then comes the middle part of the letter which is the longest part. Here, you give arguments in support to your main idea so as to give a detailed explanation. Hence, explain your point clearly so that there is no confusion or doubt for the reader/audience.

End with a Courteous Close

Your message will be successful if the reader finds the “you-attitude” in it i.e. when he/she feels that you are personally concerned about his/her well being. You can do this if you either highlight the customer’s benefits or express appreciation.

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