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This article discusses 7 power tools about how to improve speaking. It provides a detailed discussion on some handy techniques that give you awesome ability to give attention grabbing speech.

How to Improve Speaking

Every good and effective speech requires careful preparation. If you want to be a good speaker, you must know the power tools of how to improve speaking. You must carefully organize and plan your presentation. Use the following techniques to improve your speech.

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1. Determine Your Purpose and Topic: First of all know the purpose and topic of your speech; are you going to inform, explain, convince, or entertain? Do you want to combine two or more of these purposes? Without the proper knowledge of purpose and topic you will not be able to make an effective speech.

2. Know your Audience: Who are your audience” what is their age, sex, education and social background, experience? What are their interests? A speech before one group may have little interest for another group. For example, a discussion on computers, interesting to office workers, may be tiresome to factory workers. If you fail to know the audience, your speech cannot be effective.

3. Collect and organize Information: Collect much more information related to your topic than you will use. Read books, magazines and newspapers, talk with the people who can help you and also rely on your own experience. Then organize the material you have collected. This will enable you to prepare an outline of your speech.

4. Prepare an Outline: An outline is a must for preparing a speech. Prepare notes. Then arrange them according to main ideas and in order of importance. This step is another power tool, which helps you in your struggle of how to improve speaking.

5. Arouse and hold Interest: This is another power tool for how to improve speaking. The success of your speech depends on arousing and holding the interest of your listeners. For this purpose, start your speech with a startling question. Insert an amusing story here and there. You can also hold interest by using your personal example and experience. In this way you will be able to keep the interest of your listeners alive till the end of speech.

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6. Don’t read or recite: If you read your speech word for word from written notes and outline, it will not sound natural. You cannot keep your eye contact with your audience. Try to fix main ideas of your speech in memory. Then use your notes when you deliver it.

7. Practice Again and Again: Practice is a must for delivering a speech. You speech will be a poor show if you do not practice it. Imagine your audience in front of you. Stand tall and look at the audience. Speak aloud and use hand gestures. If a mirror is available, you can practice in front of it. You can also seek the help or your family and friends.

The above discussion explores the seven power tools of how to improve speaking, along with explanation of various techniques.

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