Interviewing for a Job

Interviewing for a Job

This article discusses the art of interviewing for a job, and its importance for an individual’s professional success.

Your skill and excellence in the art of interviewing for a job determines the height and altitude of success in your professional career.

Interviewing for a job is mostly arranged to examine the fitness and validity of a candidate for a certain position or job in an organization.  For a successful job interview, there are some duties and responsibilities for both the interviewee and the interviewer. But here we will discuss interviewee’s responsibilities. Thus as a young candidate, your knowledge of your responsibilities reflects your skill in the art of interviewing.

interviewing for a job
Interviewing for a Job

Interviewee’s Responsibilities to enhance skill in interviewing for a Job

As an interviewee, you have three types of responsibilities. These are Before the Interview, During the Interview, and After the Interview. The details are as under:

Before the interview

Before your job interview, you must fulfill the following responsibilities. This will help you give an awesome interview that is sure to secure you the position.

  • First of all, understand. Thus you need to analyze your strengths and weaknesses correctly. Most of the time, interviewees make a serious mistake. In the excitement to succeed in the interview, they overstate their strong points. Moreover, they hide their weak points to avoid humiliation. This is a personal bias that speaks against the interviewee. Therefore, you must be careful when it comes to talking about your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Similarly, you need to have complete information about the position available. Therefore, it is good to relate your skills and qualifications to the job.
  • Additionally, you must do homework on the organization that you are trying to join. Try to update yourself about the goals, activities, and status of the firm in the marketplace.
  • You must find out and rehearse the possible questions that have higher chances to come from the selector. Selecting and practicing such expected questions, and preparing their best answers will help to boost your confidence. Moreover, this practice helps you create a positive first impression, which determines your performance as well as the value during the interview.
  • Your next responsibility before the interview is to speak with the insiders. Speaking to the employees of that organization will help you know about, and understand its values, culture, and traditions. This, in turn, will help you perform better in your interview.

During the interview

Now it is time to discuss your responsibilities during the interview. These are as under:

  • You must give a positive first impression. Hence, you must offer a warm handshake. Similarly, you should not look gloomy or lazy. Rather, you must show a pleasant smile that shows your positive energy and skill.
  • Furthermore, you must state your understanding of the interview. Although the interviewee usually does this task, yet you have to state it if they do not.
  • Likewise, you must give your answers in an organized way. Illogical and haphazard answers go against you. Accordingly, first, make a claim, and then support it with evidence. Then give the conclusion in the end. This shows your confidence as well as communication skills.
  • In order to make a point in the interview, you must try to be a very good listener. This is the most difficult task, especially during an interview because you want to speak more and more to show your competence. Conversely, you must listen to the interviewer carefully and patiently. Never start speaking before the interviewer finishes the question; otherwise, they may change the question, which might be difficult to answer.
  • Similarly, in order to show your capabilities, you must ask thoughtful questions about the company, and about the position which is under discussion. In this way, you show your understanding of the interview as well as your confidence in your skills. Furthermore, it makes the interview different from viva voce which is one-sided only – the examiner asking questions and the candidate giving answers.
  • You must offer a conclusion at the end of the session. This task is also mostly done by the interviewers, but if they do not, then you must do it to obtain agreement on the conclusion.

After the interview

Your responsibilities after the interviewing for a job are as important as the ones before and during the interview. Therefore, you must be careful about the following tasks:

  • You must do promptly if there are some specific actions to be taken. Your quick response to the tasks assigned to you, increase your chances of success.
  • If you are required to provide additional information, provide it as soon as possible. Wasting time and showing laziness may block your way to success.
  • You must write a thank-you letter (follow up) letter, and send it within a day or two.

The above discussion determines the role as well as the importance of your skill in the art of interviewing. Thus if you are able to perform well in the interview session, you get higher chances of winning the position. In short, your knowledge of the above-discussed duties and responsibilities helps you climb up the ladder of professional success.

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