Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions

Frequently Asked job Interview Questions

This article focuses on some frequently asked job interview questions. In order to perform excellently in a job interview, you should have convincing answers to these frequently asked job interview questions.

frequently asked job interview questions
frequently asked job interview questions

Questions about Education/Subject/University

Please introduce yourself. What course/s in your academics did you like the most?  Least? Why did you like?

Do you think your co-curricular activities were worth the time you spent on them? Reasons?

When did you choose this particular field in your studies? Did you ever change your major? If so, why?

Do you feel you did the best educational work you are capable of?

Which of your educational years was the most difficult? Why?

Questions about employers and jobs

Why do you think you are the best candidate for the job?

What jobs have you done so for? Why did you leave?

Why do you like this specific job?

Why should we hire you?

What do you think about the scope and operation of this industry today?

How will the organization benefit from your talent, experience, and entrepreneurial attitude?

What percentage of your college expenses did you earn through your own resources? How?

What are the demerits of your chosen field?

Why did you choose this particular field of work?

Have you served in in an organization with the same business as this one? What position did you hold? What jobs did you perform?

Questions about Personal Attitudes and Preferences

Do you think grades should be given due consideration by employers? Why or why not?

Do you prefer any specific geographic location for your work? If Yes, why?

What do you think defines an individual’s progress in an efficient organization?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 10 years?

What personal qualities do you feel are vital for success in your selected field?

Do you like to travel?

Narrate me a story?

Questions about Work Habits

Do you prefer working in a team or individually?

What type of boss do you like?

Do you face difficulties in getting along with your colleagues and/or supervisors/instructors/students?

Do you like to work in a large or small organization? Reasons?

Your opinion about overtime work?

What do you have that shows your willingness and initiative to work?

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    It’s very helpful post. Although the question are all those which are commonly asked in interview. but there should be desired answers for all these questions too, so that the one whos giving interview can impress his interviewer

  2. UmerF365

    Communication skills helps you portray yourself in words. While getting interviewed you’re actually being judged on the basis of what you say. You communicate through your body language too but verbal communication is crucially important. These interview questions help you analyse yourself before appearing in an interview. These interview questions and this communication skill course will definitely help us in the practical life. I’d like to thank you sir for being very cooperative and very supportive.

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