Which Jobs Require Communication Skills?

This article focuses on the most FAQ which reads Which Jobs Require Communication Skills? All the professions look for candidates with strong and powerful communication skills.

Which communication skills do you need to possess differ from job to job and profession to profession. Similarly the type and level of your communication skill are determined by which jobs require communication skills and its requirements.

Below is a list of some careers and the communication skills required for each of them:

Financial Services

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Strong writing skills are vital for drafting reports or other documents, the finance related people are also required to possess good skills of listening. Thus they may co-operate with co-workers, stakeholders, and employees. Financial accountants must possess an excellent ability of questioning while they prepare accounts or conduct audit of the organization. In this manner, they can visualize and portray a broader picture of the task in hand.


Teaching is included in the set of answers put the question of which jobs require communication skills. A teacher is perhaps a professional who cannot function without powerful communication skills. Teachers require a vast range of such skills as active listening, clarity, and empathy among the many others. They must use their listening skills to understand the problems and hurdles faced by the students. They also need to possess and display outstanding writing skills to be able to come up with reports and lesson plans for their lectures and courses.

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Human Resources

People from human resource staff need to ask the right question about the right subjects, convey their point with clarity, and draft their documents including policies and contracts accurately and error-free. They frequently have to act with discretion and win the confidence of the people through better writing skills and spoken skills.


Strong communication skills are vital for a professional marketing role. Marketers not only have to speak to and correspond with business owners to get data about their customers, they also have engage in negotiations, and ask right questions with confidence and clarity to secure new business. All these need a superb mixture of strong communication skills.

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