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This article is all about reading comprehension, benefits of reading comprehension, comprehension questions, and tips to answer comprehension questions.

Comprehension means complete understanding of a writing. Usually, we read very casually and without concentration. As a result, we retain a very vague idea of what we have read. An exercise on comprehension compels us to read with care and concentration. It also tests our reading comprehension skill. Comprehension of a given passage means complete understanding of what is contained in it. We are required to answer certain questions at the end of the passage to show that we fully understand it.

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Benefits of Comprehension

1. Comprehension improves our reading skill and develops understanding of text.

2. Comprehension develops our habit of effective as it compels us to study with care and concentration.

3. Comprehension develops our writing skill because it gives us a useful practice in writing.

How to answer comprehension questions

The following principles must be kept in mind while answering the questions:

1. Read the passage carefully a number of times until you are able to understand the theme and various ideas contained in it.

2. Read all passages carefully and try to understand their meaning.

3. Underline the sentences, phrases, and words which contain the answers to the questions.

4. Never write anything which is not first clear in your mind. First get the clear meaning from the context. Then try to write the answers.

5. Try to answer the questions, as far as possible, in your own words.

6. The answers must be to the point, clear, and concise. Do not beat about the bush.

7. Your answer must be complete in all respects.

8. Do not add any new ideas of our own in answering the questions unless you are asked to do so or to comment on some points.

9. Explain the meanings of some specific words or phrases if you are asked.

10. If you are asked to make a precis’ or summary of the passage, just summarize it leaving out all the unnecessary details.

11. The tense of the answer must be the same as that of the question.

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