Examples of Gerund phrases

Let us discuss some examples of gerund phrases. This articles discusses these examples of gerund phrases in detail.

You can use Gerund Phrases in a number of ways. They play various roles in a sentence, and serve different purposes.

Sometimes a Gerund Phrase acts as the subject; other times it acts as the object of a preposition; still other times it functions as the object—direct or indirect; and finally, it acts as a predicate nominative.

Some example for each the above functions are listed below:

As Subject

Check the following sample sentences. The role of the gerund phrase is that of the subject of the sentence.

Staying up through the night is difficult for them.

Looking at the things from others’ perspective is what an effective communicator does.

Living with lesser study material defined my early study years.

Arranging an interdepartmental cricket match prior to sessional exams was a bad idea.

Attaining powerful communication skills should be made a compulsory rite of passage for all the students.

As a Direct Object

The following examples show the gerund phrase functioning as the direct object. When a noun or a pronoun receives the action of the main verb directly, it is called a direct object.

Doctors recommend sleeping through the night.

I prefer eating dinner with my family.

My research supervisor would not tolerate using unsound arguments.

Palwasha Khan enjoys drawing beautiful birds.

Does he like mingling with strangers?

As an Indirect Object

The following examples show the gerund phrase functioning as the indirect object. An indirect object receives the action of the verb, but it is not the main verb.

As part of her health improving regimen, the doctor recommended to make sleeping through the night her top priority.

Let’s make writing two articles a daily routine for better results.

Unfortunately, people do not always see taking care of their health as part of their duties.

Why don’t you make doing social work a part of your academic excellence?

Donna deserves holding the high office due to her excellent capabilities.

As A Predicate Nominative

The following examples show the gerund phrase functioning as a predicate nominative.

A predicate nominative completes the linking verbs and renames the subject by describing it with another noun. Check the examples below where the gerund phrase used as the predicate nominate defines the first part of the sentence—the subject of course:

Doctor’s biggest recommendation is sleeping through the night. (What is the biggest recommendation? It is sleeping through the night.)

The PM’s top priority was getting all the parties on board.

The main reason behind his expulsion from the school was bunking the classes constantly.

My father’s favourite pastime was working in the garden.

My biggest problem in school days was solving mathematical questions.

As an object of Preposition

The following examples show the gerund phrase functioning as the object of preposition.

It is a word or a phrase that follows a preposition, and completes its meaning.

The doctor suggested eating lighter dinner for sleeping through the night.  (For what? For sleeping through the night.)

By complaining all the time, she would not get anywhere in her career.

Exercise does not work without eating healthy diet.

Parents are concerned more about raising their kids healthily rather than taking care of their own health.

I was relieved after receiving my appointment letter.

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